Top 10 Time Management Tips


Do you need more hours in the day?  Are you disappointing people because you keep delaying key tasks?  Is it hard for you to finish one task before starting another?  Is it hard for you to prioritise tasks?  Do you want more free time?  

Probably the most undervalued business advice we ever give is to assist people with better managing their time.  It seems simple, right?  Just plan better.  Or, just do the important stuff before the non-urgent stuff.  Or, don't answer the phone.  Or, just close your door.  

Often what seems simple advice becomes difficult to adopt because we all resist change which takes us out of our comfort zone.  It actually takes time to learn new behaviours which then become automatic.  So, we often "shadow" clients for a few weeks after we take them through the advice to ensure the new behaviours are implemented and start becoming "the norm".  We coach, we mentor and we monitor for the tell-tale signs that new behaviours have been implemented.

These are the basic 10 tips we work with.  And every client has a slightly different way of adoption.  But, they work!  Let us know what works for you... 


Chris Pattas

Chris Pattas lives in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. He is happily married with two children. Chris is a successful business leader who enjoys helping organisations reach their full potential. Whether it is driving greater profit or sales, growing market share in competitive industries, inspiring executives to achieve great things, negotiating compelling business deals or working as a board member implementing exciting change programs, he knows how to get the most out of any organisation. Chris has worked in various product and service industries including: advertising, software, IT&T, travel & tourism, utilities and telecommunications. His interests and expertise include: leadership & strategy, sales & marketing, online & social media, science & technology, travel & tourism, photography and music.