How To Be More Productive... Today


Research shows that 87% of people feel they work too hard but only one-third feel overloaded.  The infographic below summarises this research nicely and shows us which professions feel happiest and what drives better productivity.  Deadlines, for example, seem to help. Working late seems to work against you in the long run.  Here are 24 ways (from Forbes Magazine) you can be more productive today: 

  1. Get up an hour earlier.
  2. Use Sunday evening for planning the week.
  3. Say no. (the power of constraints). Ignore. Focus only on the thing you’re looking to achieve.
  4. Get a cleaner and stop spending your precious hours on this task each week (your time is worth a lot more)
  5. Turn off your emails on your phone
  6. Use a simple to-do-list like TeuxDeux  and only put THREE things on it to get done each day
  7. Plan your day according to the most important, biggest task, not the smallest and easiest.
  8. Avoid meetings at all cost. If you have to go  have one specific outcome in mind
  9. Know what the next step is at the end of every conversation
  10. Use Leechblock (Firefox Extension) or Nanny (Google Chrome) to block out times when you can’t access social media and other distracting sites
  11. Set a timer to go off at 30 minute intervals to focus on one activity and take a short 1 minute break to refocus
  12. Take a proper break after 2 hours for 10-20 minutes and dance to your fave song, do some pushups, get out in the fresh air
  13. Ask yourself “is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to what I want to achieve.
  14. Know what you’re looking to achieve – what does finished look like?
  15. Play motivating upbeat music while working to keep your energy levels high
  16. Keep an idea book to dump your distractions in, and come back to them a week later
  17. Keep a journal of WHAT you have achieved – either in a notebook or I recommend online journal Penzu
  18. Work out what is important and what isn’t
  19. Stop procrastinating and just DO it!
  20. Throw out the TV – literally bury it in your back garden
  21. Turn off the internet. If you’re writing or creating go to a coffee shop that has no internet
  22. Outsource – get help using oDesk and Elance, and have someone else design your blog in 2 days instead of you taking 3 weeks
  23. Don’t say should, say “I will”. Think like Yoda `There is no try, there is only do or do not’
  24. Don’t answer the phone. Literally. If it’s important they’ll leave a message


Chris Pattas

Chris Pattas lives in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. He is happily married with two children. Chris is a successful business leader who enjoys helping organisations reach their full potential. Whether it is driving greater profit or sales, growing market share in competitive industries, inspiring executives to achieve great things, negotiating compelling business deals or working as a board member implementing exciting change programs, he knows how to get the most out of any organisation. Chris has worked in various product and service industries including: advertising, software, IT&T, travel & tourism, utilities and telecommunications. His interests and expertise include: leadership & strategy, sales & marketing, online & social media, science & technology, travel & tourism, photography and music.