3 Great Questions To Ask Your Marketing Team

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Seth Godin is a real Marketing guru.  His blog is read by millions each day.  I thought I would reproduce here one of his latest gems.  These 3 questions are an inspiring collection of questions to ask any marketing team, business development team, fundraising team or the public relations folks. 

If you love this type of advice please read his blog - it is truly inspiring.  These 3 questions are easy to ask and the answers very compelling and important for every business and team.  How do you rate?

1. Who are you trying to reach?

If you say you are trying to reach everyone, I'll know you're likely to reach no one. How specifically can you identify the psychographics, worldview and needs of the people we seek to change?  

This "Who" question comes first because by identifying your audience you set the scene for the objective of all of your effort.

2. Why do they decide to support us?

In order to earn the donation, make the sale, generate the buzz, we need to change people somehow. When we change them, what happens? What story do they tell themselves?

Knowing the "Why" answer determines whether your purpose is compelling and whether you are likely to get engagement and a loyal following.

3. What do you need in order to make this happen more often?

What resources, tools or facts need to be present for this to work for you? What do we have to change about our products, our services or our people? How do you know?

The 3rd question is about strategy and making it happen.  The "What" is where sometimes good ideas fail because the implementation is not up to the standard required. 

If you understand the Who, Why and What in your team you are far ahead of most other teams and much nearer to achieving your goals.  Good luck. 

If you need some assistance with any of the above we would love to help. 

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