Australians Love Their Web-enabled Devices


According to a new survey, Australians are accessing the internet with more devices than ever before.  This provides business marketers with new channels through which to deliver content.  The use of desktops for internet access continues to decrease relative to other devices.  This will challenge businesses that have not designed their digital strategy to cope with tablets, smartphones, game consoles and laptops.

The table below shows desktops being used by 72% of users, whereas laptops proved most popular by 77% of users.  The growth in tablet use is most amazing as it now represents over 31% of users.  Tablets like Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy are proving popular with Australians to check their email, surf the web and access social media applications like Facebook and YouTube.


The graph on the right shows how the wealth of alternative devices is now driving significant "second-screen" behaviour - that is, the use of a web-enabled device while watching traditional TV content.  In just one year, the growth in second-screen device use jumped from 60% to a whopping 74%!  Whereas the use of a laptop or desktop as a second-screen device dropped, the use of a smartphone or tablet grew significantly.  It is not uncommon now for people to use Facebook on their smartphone or Twitter while watching TV.  In fact, some TV shows encourage it.

Other research by Roy Morgan of the buying intentions of more than 10,000 executives found only 18% planning to replace desktop computers, 20% planning to buy laptops or notebooks, but 23% planning on buying a tablet device.

Roy Morgan Research.jpg

Is this tablet and smartphone use a threat for TV advertisers or will it help grow the total TV audience? What do you think?

Data and graph content by and Roy Morgan Research


Chris Pattas

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