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George Dalaras Live In Melbourne - 2010 World Encore Tour

George Dalaras (Γιώργος Νταλάρας) performed recently at the Melbourne Hisense Arena as part of his 2010 World Encore Tour.
He was accompanied by his long-time musical friends Mihalis Tzouganakis and Melina Aslanidou.
Dalaras sang demotica, laika, rebetika - songs from his early years and memories of the great composers of Greece. Unlike previous concerts, the musicians played solo parts and improvised on their instruments.
Dalaras’ exceptional voice and instrumental skills have placed him at the forefront of innovation in contemporary Greek music. Over the last three decades he has renewed the genre of Greek laika by leading his mainly youthful public along neglected musical paths like the smirneika and the rebetika.
Unfortunately, I was not impressed with Dalaras on the night and his selection of songs.  The first half of his show was slow, unimpressive and several songs were sleepy and dated.
I was very disappointed that some his most loved songs were not even sung, e.g., "Μη μιλάς, κινδυνεύει η Ελλάς", "Η μάνα του Αλέξανδρου".
This is a serious omission.  I have followed him for nearly 30 years and this night I was saddened that he left these and other popular songs out of his repertoire. Great voice, definitely. But, bad marketing and a let down for fans.  Enjoy the photos and the highlights video of the concert below:


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