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Predators - Forget the Cinema, Wait for the DVD!

I used to love going to the cinema and watching adventure movies like the latest "Predators" - the 3rd chapter in the series of man-versus-alien adventures.  Now, I hate the current cinema experience - very expensive junk food, long queues waiting for a ticket and 20 minutes of advertising before the movie starts.  Also, have you tried accessing the cinema websites from your mobile lately to check movie session times?  What a horrible experience - all flash, no function. Whatever happened to Village or Hoyts innovating and thinking like a customer?  Anyway, read on for my review of this movie...

Predators is fun to watch - just don't expect to do too much thinking!  I love the special effects - very realistic.  I initially didn't like Adrien Brody as the lead (replacing Arnie) but he grew on me - I especially like his mean streak.  Alice Braga is hot as the tough and sensible female killer.  Those latin looks are to die for! Laurence Fishburne provides some nice twists & Topher Grace is great as the innocent-looking psychotic killer.
Predators should be enjoyed with a big bag of popcorn and lots of friends around you. It is the classic theme of humans marooned, struggling against the elements.  I would have loved it to have a nice surprise at the end but it leaves you a bit "hanging in mid-air".
I rated it a 6 out of 10 for fun and escapism.  Don't bother with the cinema - it is not worth the expense.  Wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it with all the family on a Saturday afternoon.

Chris Pattas

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