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Knight and Day - Cruise Saves the Day

I was just enjoying the latest Tom Cruise film, "Knight and Day", when the scriptwriter almost ruined it for me.  The plot requires a motive for all the chasing and fighting and treachery and so it is all about a "perpetual energy" battery-type device!!!! Having a science background, this item killed it for me because, as we all know, the laws of physics do not allow this.  Anyway, I loved the film... here's why:

The action sequences and Tom Cruise make this movie.  He has spunk and the action, although fantastic, looks very real.  Cameron Diaz is gorgeous but cold as far as I am concerned. Nothing about her character warmed me up.  She doesn't have the gift of some of the other female leads in the industry - she leaves you empty, wanting someone real!
Other than the terrible acting by Diaz, the film has a bit of everything to keep all the family happy: romance, action, twists, suspense, treachery, bikinis and shorts, and humour.  Many of the good bits are in the trailer unfortunately (see below) but there as some nice surprises left.  The bike travelling amongst the bulls in Spain is fun.  The sequences on the plane are good too - although, a little reminiscent of the "Airport" movies!  This movie needed a third strong character to make it more interesting and a more compelling struggle - maybe a really bad villain.
Cruise keeps selected popcorn movies to resurrect his career.  Maybe he should do some serious stuff or play a bad guy for a change.  Anyway, this one is worth going to the cinema to see.  I rated it an 8 out of 10 because it is escapist with just enough romance to keep even my teenage children entertained.
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