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Inception - Breathtaking and Fantastic

After seeing "Inception" at the movies you'll realise how great cinema can be.  This is a great movie because it has many layers and keeps you guessing what may come next.  I started feeling the excitement I felt when I first saw "The Matrix".  The key theme of the movie is that there is technology available which allows skilled thieves to enter other people's minds in their sleep and steal secrets.
In this case, the plot requires that the opposite be done - that an idea be implanted in someone else's mind without them realising it is not theirs.  Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Cobb, is the protagonist.  Cobb has gone too far with the technology and has got himself in a real mess.  This is his one last chance for redemption.  Now let me tell you what will go through your head as you are watching this...
You will be struggling to keep up with which dream layer you are in - up to 4 in all! You'll be imagining the great possibilities with this technology. You'll be feeling sorry for Cobb and his situation.  You'll be amazed and absolutely loving the action sequences, the slow motion, the worlds being turned inside out, the car chases, the pace of the action and your head will be spinning with where you are and how you will get back.

If you want to enjoy the movie just forget about asking how it is possible to enter someone else's dream - the gadget just exists and there is no scientific explanation how it works.  Just trust me - don't worry about this and you will love the rest of the movie.
Dreams are a very traditional and convenient way to create suspense and action without having to explain too much.  At least in "The Matrix" an attempt was made to explain the central premise of this unreal world.

You can take the whole family along.  Just remember it is mostly gadgets, science, action, suspense and special effects so take the most imaginative ones along who can suspend their disbelief for a little while.
I loved the movie and will watch it again just to keep track of all the dream levels and action.  I've seen better acting from DiCaprio but the special effects are outstanding.  I rated this film overall a 9 out of 10. Go see it on the big screen - the small screen will not do it justice.

Enjoy the trailer:

Checkout this great infographic of the whole Inception plot and model once you have seen the film.

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