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The Hurt Locker - Overhyped and Overrated

It is amazing what winning 6 oscars will do to a movie's popularity.  For the life of me, I cannot work out why "The Hurt Locker" won any awards. The story is not new, the acting is not deep, the directing is not original and the script is full of cliches and lines which are so implausible.
It is quite boring in certain scenes.  In fact, an episode of the TV series "24" has more action, suspense, drama and plot than this movie.  Don't bother watching it on the big screen.  Even when it comes out on DVD or payTV I'd be hard-pressed to see it again.  You are better off watching a Steven Seagal movie - at least there you know it is escapist.
I rated "The Hurt Locker" a 5 out of 10. What was the academy thinking?

Chris Pattas

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