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30 Tips to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

30 quick tips to help keep your weight under control and feel great.  There is one tip for every day of the month so that you can cycle through this list every month.  A nice reminder and motivator for each day of the month...

  1. 95% of your diet should be caveman food - unprocessed, hunted, fished & picked.
  2. Eat a few almonds or walnuts as a snack to reduce hunger - avoid other nuts which have bad fats.
  3. Lactobacillus on a daily basis - natural skinny yogurt is very valuable for digestive health.
  4. Try cooking with Rice Bran oil or use Flax Seed oil in salads - both are better for your heart.
  5. Chew food twice as much & slow down your eating in the first 20 mins - you'll feel full sooner.
  6. Portion control is essential - when eating out always leave one quarter of your meal uneaten.
  7. Get used to eating celery sticks between meals as a distraction - they have "negative" calories!
  8. Drink Green Tea on most nights 3 hrs after dinner - fills you up, helps you sleep, antioxidants.
  9. We all know about the benefits of fish oils Omega3... but you gotta try Chia seeds... SUPER FOOD.
  10. Walk BRISKLY EVERY DAY for the REST of your life for at least an hour. It helps having a dog!
  11. Avoid high GI foods - if it melts quickly or gets soggy in your mouth it is usually high GI.
  12. Fresh fish is the BEST, especially the smaller, oily, smelly ones because of Omega3.
  13. Lots of fruits & vegetables, minimize potato though & avoid very watery fruit because of sugar.
  14. Coffee in moderation is good for you. Best without the milk (main allergy trigger) & sugar.
  15. If you are going to eat processed foods as a little treat then try dark chocolate or popcorn.
  16. Water, water and more water. Do you know the 7 wonders of water? http://bit.ly/9pwV79
  17. Sleep More & Weigh Less! That's right. It works. http://www.physorg.com/news72978010.html
  18. Try Yoga or a 30 min stretching activity every day - it relaxes you & reduces snacking habit.
  19. Chew sugarless gum with strong flavour. It overpowers other foods so they don't taste as good.
  20. Learn to love legume-based foods. Packed with fibre & can replace 3 meat-based meals per week.
  21. Eat more Brain Foods. http://www.medicinenet.com/brain_foods_pictures_slideshow/article.htm
  22. Cut your salt by 25%. http://www.medicinenet.com/salt_shockers_pictures_slideshow/article.htm
  23. Add a broth-based soup to your day. Helps fill up. Minestrone, tortilla soup, Chinese won-ton.
  24. Replace sugary drinks with water. You'll avoid 10 teaspoons of sugar. Add lemon or mint.
  25. One glass red wine per day is good. White wine has too many calories without the anti-oxidants.
  26. Try to eat more immune boosting foods: spinach, broccoli, garlic, cabbage, acai berries, kiwi fruit.
  27. Sleep better: keep the bedroom dark, quiet & use separate blankets to regulate each person's body temperature.
  28. Eat more fibre: beans, lentils, peas, fruit/vegetable with skin, nuts, seeds, wholemeal/rye bread, bran, prunes.
  29. Boost your Metabolism by eating more often, adding spices, black coffee, green tea & build muscle
  30. Monitor your weight & waist size weekly and keep it prominent & written down for motivation.

Chris Pattas

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