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Cafe Jett in Dromana: Delightful Food and Service

We had an Australia Day breakfast today at Cafe Jett in Dromana - a seaside suburb of Melbourne.  What a delight!  The service was excellent - staff smiled and had a welcoming approach.  You have to try the "Jett Dukkah toast" with your cappuccino.  It is delicious.

They have wireless access, newspapers, magazines and a comfortable couch for those that want to lounge.  They even have a little deli with all sorts of items for sale.  The clothes for sale seem to be a bit of overkill and even distracting.  It is a real casual and community feel in there.  Don't forget to stamp your coffee card so that you get your tenth coffee for free.  And...

The team have a great manner about them and could probably be even more proactive in upselling, say, another coffee with each patron.  People don't mind buying more if they get respect via great service.
The wireless access should be free and promoted thus to attract even more patrons.  Also, the website should have an image of the place with patrons enjoying themselves - it is a nice spot near the Dromana pier so they should promote the seaside positioning.  A 3 minute YouTube video promoting the place would be an excellent idea as well.

They have won numerous awards including the "Small Business Champion Awards" in 2009.  Kellie Pitt, the owner and operator, should be very proud of her achievements.  Good luck for the future - Cafe Jett deserves the growth in patronage that they will inevitably get.

Chris Pattas

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