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The Invention Of Lying

I went along with my son to Hoyts at Victoria Gardens to see this comedy.  I paid an exhorbitant $4.10 for a bottle of water.  The cinema had no prices displayed in the food and drink bar.   I nearly fainted when I was told what my popcorn and water cost!  Next time I'll bring my own.
The movie is definitely funny.  The scenes in the restaurant are great.  The trailer gives away some of the best lines, though.  There is some mockery of Judo-Christian traditions reminiscent of the Monty Python movies.  The ending is a bit flat.  I had a good discussion with my teenage son about why people lie and whether it would really be depressing if everyone only told the truth.
I rated "The Invention of Lying" a 7 out of 10: don't bother on the big screen, definitely watch it on the small screen.

Chris Pattas

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